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Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors and Windows Promotion

by / Friday, 11 November 2016 / Published in Berry Door & Window Blog

Are you ready for Winter’s Cool Breeze?

Wait… it’s not called a breeze when it’s 30 degrees outside — that’s a draft! We know that the cold temperatures will be here soon. It’s the season for staying cozy in your home with a warm bowl of soup and your favorite slippers.

But if this time of year also means your windows and doors are letting in a COLD air, then perhaps it’s time to consider doing something about it before “old man winter” is here!

Are you:

  • Bundling up on a blanket on your couch because the draft chills your neck when you’re watching your favorite TV show?
  • Sealing your child’s window to help control the temperature, so he doesn’t get too cold at night?
  • Feeling the air seep through, if you hold your hand up to the sill or frame?
  • Worried about energy efficiency and wondering just how much money each month you might be “throwing out the window?”

These are all situations that our customers at Berry Door & Window have told us motivated them to replace their windows and doors. Right now, we are offering a special just in time to help you update your home.

40% OFF your order for Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors and Windows

AND if you order by Friday, November 18, 2016, in most cases we will install them before the end of the year!

December PromotionThis special is only good now through December 15, 2016.

What’s the benefit of using Berry Door & Window?

Our focus on quality sets us apart. Our products are high performance, whether you choose to go with an economical line or top tier. We make the whole process as “air-tight” as one of our high-quality products.

Our installers are part of the Berry Door & Window team. We realize that this is your home, and so it’s important that you know who will be doing the work. Our people are professionals who are respectful and have a high work ethic.

If the thought of replacing your doors or windows seems overwhelming, don’t let that stop you. We are here to reassure you our consultants will be there to guide you and offer our expertise. We start with a consultation and taking measurements. Often in the same appointment, we can provide a proposal with pricing.

The top 5 features and options to consider.

  1. Energy Efficiency — You can’t think about replacement windows or doors without considering Energy Efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows account for 10-25% of a home’s energy bill. And not all windows are created equal, as you know. Make sure that you choose EnergyStar qualified windows, and we can show you how our manufacturers use technology that will reduce energy consumption. 
And keep in mind, winter is not the only time to be concerned with energy efficiency.
  2. Colors, panes, type of glass… there are so many options to consider than white! Not every window in your home needs to be identical. You could consider a different color window for contrast or add frosted glass to emphasize a dramatic space. Or maybe a bronze or gray window tint to increase beauty and functionality at the same time. We’re here to help and provide ideas!
  3. What’s the warranty? Some products have lifetime warranties, some might be transferrable; each manufacturer can be different. At Berry Door & Window, we also offer warranties on the labor — entry doors we offer 1 year labor; vinyl windows we offer 5 years labor.
  4. Details matter. Windows aren’t something you might think about in-depth, so we’ll do that for you. Some interesting features we are enthusiastic about, include windows that offer:
    — sound deadening properties
    — strong and seamless construction with welded corners
    — maintenance free
— sloped and tilted sills for positive water train off
    — secure a partial opening
    — air filtration prevention
    — silent and easy operation
    — ease of cleaning
    Yes, there’s more! And yes, we could go on and on, but we hope you will contact us so we can explain why the details matter.
  5. What happens with your old windows and doors? Don’t worry about it!! We will take care of it. We dispose of all windows, doors and garage doors. We also try our best to be as eco-friendly as possible. We recycle as much aluminum as we can and have a dumpster specifically for paper and plastic.

Now is the perfect time to make sure that when you are nestled in that blanket this winter, it’s because you’re enjoying a comfy evening in your home, not because you need to stay warm from drafty windows and doors.

Remember, the special is 40% OFF your order for Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors and Windows! And if you order by Friday, November 18, 2016, in most cases we will install them before the end of the year!

Your home deserves the highest quality, and you deserve the unmatched service you will receive at Berry Door & Window. Call (314) 423-DOOR.