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Barn Doors — clever, charming and functional!

by / Tuesday, 18 October 2016 / Published in Berry Door & Window Blog

barn door panel shaker Say the phrase “barn doors,” and it might convey the image of old farm building with bright red doors. Recently this style of door is being used to enhance the interior of many homes, both to add a new architectural element and for practicality. With so many customization options, they are also a way to reflect your personal style.

What is a Barn Door?
Barn doors slide along the wall, saving space in a room. They do not require swing space in a room for opening and closing.

Any of the interior doors at Berry Door & Window can be used as barn doors, so you can create a focal point in a room or save valuable space. Barn doors add visual interest or they can blend into the space to create a seamless look.

You pick the paint or stain, the hardware, and the style of the door, so you can complement your the architecture and match your taste. It’s a great way to update the look of your home without replacing every interior door.

Hardware is an important feature, too, and there are a multitude of options and finishes. What you select can set the tone as much as light fixtures, so we are happy to guide you to make sure all the pieces complement each other.

Barn Doors can be:

  • modern with simple clean lines
  • have glass panels
  • wood or other materials
  • customized for odd spaces
  • less noisy than a traditional door (no slamming)

Why would a Barn Door be a good option?
Some of our customers come to us for a barn door installation because they have space concerns. With no door swing, you can really maximize a given area. Barn Doors work especially well with narrow hallways. Also, they can slide one direction all the way and remain pleasing to the eye whether open or closed.

You can use a Barn Door for:

  • closets
  • kitchens
  • offices
  • pantry
  • separating open spaces
  • wine closet

barn_door_photoThings to consider.
It’s important to involve an expert door company like Berry Door & Window with a project like this. There are aspects of door installation that you may not consider. As part of our process, we will make sure that your wall is load bearing enough to handle the weight of the doors. We will also measure to make sure there is appropriate overlap.

There are many advantages to Barn Doors, but they may not offer as much privacy because they don’t sit flush to the wall or seal. Typically they do not lock, either. We’ll be there to walk you through these “pros and cons” and answer any questions you have.

Why Berry Door & Window for Barn Doors?

A member of our sales team explains that “during the consultation, I often find that people don’t know exactly what they want, but they know they like the barn door look,” says Bernie Barton, a long-time employee of the Berry Door & Window.

“We talk through it, and they tell me what they are envisioning. Then we make it happen. It’s a great feeling when the final product is installed and they get to enjoy it!”

We know sliding barn doors are becoming a popular choice in all kinds of home. Your home deserves the highest quality, and you deserve the unmatched service you will receive at Berry Door & Window. Call (314) 423-DOOR.